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Shweta Chopra, living her idiosyncrasy had started out with just chocolates and has now made Indulgence a one stop destination for luxury gifting. Indulgence, as a brand, is all about presenting art in various forms; with attention to detail and our unique creative leadership, we are able to meet all our client’s requirements and expectations under one roof.

You know how they say; the best gift is the one that you can give yourself.

At Indulgence, we make chocolates in the most unusual and exotic flavours and compliment them with beauteous packaging. We don’t stop here! We extend our line to cookies and brownies making this a dessert haven for those out there.

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts.

If you know what a custom builder is, well… this is how we operate. You just need to think, and we make it happen. Right from celebrating a birth to a need to continue living a good life, we cater to all kinds of events like birthdays, cocktail parties, weddings, farewells and more. Be it theme packaging or exquisite handwork, anything required is ready with us. We always aim to amaze. Indulgence is the place where you will find luxury, comfort and elegance as a brand for gifting.


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About Shweta

A banker by profession, I worked with brands like Standard Chartered, Kotak, Citi Bank for over 12 years. Just around this time, I got a creative calling which aligned my interests and passion towards baking and luxurious packaging. Proactive and Improvising in nature, I perfected my baking recipes and the making behind exclusive gifts with the style, elegance and richness any gift receiver should deserve. With this in mind, I started – INDULGENCE.

Client's Speak

"Rakhi this year was very special and beautiful and I would like to thank Indulgence by Shweta Chopra for curating such a lovely gift with such care & affection." - Ritika

"I can say that you are one of the best custom branded gift shopping solution I have come across till now. Really appreciate your work!" - Nidhi

"Receiving personalised gifts has always been fun but Indulgence by Shweta Chopra really made that experience extraordinary with such stunning detail to the hamper." - Saurabh Sabarwal

"Love how you make such lovely assortments with the best kind of stuff and so nicely packaged. So glad to have something so reliable available at the earliest." - Muskaan Thakur

"For many unwrapping of a gift is a moment as treasured as the receiving of it, which is why we ensure that every single purchase should be worth it and Indulgence by Shweta Chopra proved that in every way possible for me." - Chandani Jawahirani

"Received these exquisite handcrafted chocolates and honestly loved them to the last bite." - Seoni

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